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Good to see Gene’s comment on my site – months since I have looked at the site – back at work, too busy, fast fast fast….

Still convinced that we need to slow down our thinking – but not to do nothing or to stop living our lives, but so that we can explore and find other ways of doing things.  Trouble is, it takes time, and time does not seem to be what the human species has too much of at present. Climate change, economic fragility, water and food crises – you think of it the crisis is happening somewhere, and I find it hard to imagine whart the future is going to look like even 5 years from now.

And it is so easy to think that if we did just do things ‘better’ then maybe we could work our way out of the mess.  But I no longer think ‘ better’ is good enough.  It does have to be different – at least different from the way things currently work in our powerful social institutions.

In an earlier part of my life I was embedded in the Christian tradition – it is no longer home for me, but I still find myself thinking back to, and with, some of the images and language of that time.  The ‘cloud of unknowing’ comes to mind….and I think that is where we are at for the moment.  We need to sit in that ‘unknowing’ – while still trying to live our lives with some sort of integrity, living in such ways that we keep open the possibility of healing and transformation and new ways of doing things (whether it be the economy, the health system, international relationships, or food production). Still but attentive; quiet but alert…

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